Drywall Installation and Finish at Fat Toad Brewing Company

#DRSpros on the job at Fat Toad Brewing Company in Pryor. On Time. On Budget. #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

UtiLite™ Washable Panels Make for Easy Maintenance

#DRSpros installing framing, drywall and UtiLite washable panels in a new grow facility in #downtowntulsa#buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Expansion at Pawnee Nation

Pawnee Nation expands their facilities, and DRS is on the job with Thompson Construction. Steel framing, suspended ceiling systems, and custom framing for security features – all in a day’s work with the #DRSpros. #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Steel Framing at Fat Toad Brewing Company in Pryor

#DRSpros on site at Fat Toad Brewing’s new location in Pryor! Steel Framing being completed first. Drywall Install and Finish – Ceiling Systems Install coming up! All done RIGHT with the #DRSpros. On Time. On Budget. #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Outdoor Kitchen Built Right

DRS Pros subcontracted for an impressive outdoor kitchen. It’s a must to install non-combustible materials – like the steel framing and Durock® Brand Cement Board shown here. DRS Pros have the materials and the installation know-how for your outdoor area.#DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare #lovethe918

Mixed Media on the Ceiling

Combination of a suspended ceiling system and metal ceiling panels, professionally installed by the DRS Pros. Mixed materials and varying levels keep a wide open space visually interesting at The Midland in downtown Tulsa. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare #lovethe918

DRS Pros at The Midland

DRS Pros deliver a fine product at The Midland – with metal stud framing and drywall install and finish, built to withstand years of use. The Midland will offer creative space in the 600 block of East Fourth Street and is a historic preservation project from Nelson-Stowe and Ross Group. Deliver a stellar finish with the DRS Pros. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare #lovethe918

Modern Architectural Design with Reglet Trim

Modern architectural design uses reglet trim throughout the space. DRS Pros have installed it here, in place of traditional casing and base trim – creating a modern, clean look. Details done right – by the DRS PROS. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

On Time and On Budget

Steel framing by the DRS Pros at Jim Glover Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Fiat in Owasso. Our crew excels at getting your job completed on time and on budget. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #buildthe918 #readywhenyouare

Holy Family Cathedral Basement Renovation

Meticulous care on the job site required at all times. We’re doing our part to maintain architectural details while creating much needed modern updates. ELEVATE – an exciting new youth space coming soon! Subcontracted by Manhattan Construction. See the full update @https://drspros.com/HolyFamilyCathedral #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #buildthe918 #readywhenyouare

Final Construction Moving Up

Soaring, light-filled walls and ceilings call for the best drywall pros. Completing final construction at Tulsa Urology in Broken Arrow, subcontracted by Thompson Construction. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Steel Framing and Drywall at Saint Francis Health

Now more than ever, getting it done for Highgate General Contractors. When quick completion and rigid standards are imperative, call the DRS Pros. Our crews work in isolated construction job sites, practicing social distancing – while still moving essential progress ahead in our city’s health care facilities. #DRSpros #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Pristine Drywall Finish Delivered by DRS Pros

Wrapping up at the new Leadership Tulsa location in Gunboat Park. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

DRS Doing Its Part: Redevelopment in East Village

Steel framing for Consumer Affairs at The Midland; subcontracted by Ross Group. See the full story https://drspros.com/TulsaWorldFourOnFourth #DRSpros #buildthe918 #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Weeks Tower, 14th & Boulder

DEMO DAY + staging materials for build out. When you need it done right and on time, call the DRS Pros. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #buildwiththebest #readywhenyouare

Contemporary Residential Home

A luxury home has a contemporary outlook with rounded corners and sheetrock returns. When it needs to be right on time and right on the details, call the DRS Pros. #DRSpros #luxuryhomes #buildthe918 #inspiringspaces #readywhenyouare


Sky Fitness and Wellbeing

Between a rock wall and a hard place! DRS Pros on site at Sky Fitness, repairing water damage above a 2-story stairwell and behind huge light fixtures. We returned the ceiling to its original condition, after a few steps required for safety and set up! #DRSpros  #readywhenyouare


Amelia’s Market and Brasserie, Downtown Tulsa

Expansion wrapping up! Framing, sheetrock and finish by the DRS Pros. When you want it done right and on time, call DRS. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #readywhenyouare

Luxury Residential in Bolewood

Expansion DRS pros subcontracted by Landmark Construction for drywall install, finish and ceiling install. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #luxuryhome #readywhenyouare

Amelia’s Market and Brasserie, Downtown Tulsa

Expansion in the works! DRS subcontracted for steel framing, sheetrock and finish by SILO Design Build. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #readywhenyouare

320 South Boston, Downtown Tulsa

Our crew moves quick! Working on the historic 320 South Boston building, subcontracted by Highgate General Contractors. FULL SERVICE — Demo, Framing, Insulation. Next up? Drywall Hang and Finish. And Ceiling Tiles last. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #downtown #readywhenyouare

Edgewater Condominiums near the Gathering Place

DRS Pros just awarded the drywall contract for Edgewater, residential condos near the Gathering Place on Riverside. Building has started and will be available for purchase early 2020. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #gatheringplace #readywhenyouare

Eerie Abbey Ales in Downtown Tulsa

Demo, framing, drywall install and finish completed by the DRS Pros. Next up? Plexiglass will be installed in main areas, so customers may view the brewing process. #DRSpros #buildthe918 #brewtime #readywhenyouare

Updated Entry Addition

4436 S Harvard gets an updated entry addition, subcontracted by Thompson Construction. DRS PROS subcontracted for: • Demo! • Steel framing • Decking and sheeting next • Then inside with the sheetrock. Lastly, the DRS Exteriors team will stucco the addition to give this building new life! #DRSpros #buildthe918 #bigremodel #readywhenyouare

2300 Riverside Building

DRS Pros subcontracted for Trebilcock Construction: Minimally furred ceilings and walls to allow for new electrical wiring and fixtures. Installed metal stud framing – and drywall installation. #buildthe918 #bigremodel #DRSpros #readywhenyouare

Big Remodel at Oral Roberts University

• Metal stud framing • Drywall hang and finish • AND installing a suspended ceiling system – new grid and ceiling tiles. Subcontracted by Thompson Construction. #DRSpros #lovethe918 #bigremodel #readywhenyouare

Cityplex Towers

Demolition with a view, high in the sky –Completing demo and refinish throughout multiple floors – for Highgate General Contractors at Cityplex Towers. #DRSpros #lovethe918 #bigremodel #readywhenyouare

Boydell Apartments, just north of downtown Tulsa

Massive renovation is underway — plaster removal and demo by the DRS crew for Thompson Construction. #lovethe918 #readywhenyouare #DRSpros

Newest Triad Bank location on 71st

DRS pros wrapping up the interior of the newest Triad Bank location on 71st: ceiling grid and tile installation – and of course, drywall and finish! Subcontracted by Highgate General Contractors. #DRSpros #lovethe918 #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Roller Weight Loss Clinic

Feel the burn! Steel framing at Roller Weight Loss Clinic – coming soon at 46th & Harvard. Contracted by Thompson Construction. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

First United Church of Owasso

Steel framing, densglass, ceiling installation and (of course) drywall for the expansion at First United Methodist Church of Owasso. #DRSpros #owassocommunity #readywhenyouare

Old MetLife Space Gets an Update

The old yellowed wallpaper in the MetLife building is removed quickly – with a minimum of mess – by the DRS pros. 43,000 square feet (!) of wallpaper removal and total skim for a level 5 finish. #thatsalottawallpaper #DRSpros

Creek Nation Travel Plaza in Muskogee

Demo phase completed at the Creek Nation Travel Plaza in Muskogee, in order to add multiple restrooms throughout plaza. Framing, drywall and ceiling installation up next! #DRSpros #demoday #remodeling #framing #readywhenyouare

Triad Bank at 71st, just west of Memorial

DRS crew wrapping up metal stud framing at the previous Joe’s Crab Shack – soon to be the new Triad Bank, subcontracted by Highgate General Contractors. #DRSpros #lovethe918 #remodeling #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Physiques by Monique

The new location on 3rd Street means a newly freshened gym space is in the works – with metal stud framing, drywall and finishing work. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Reeder’s Gas Station

Reeder’s is a landmark at 21st & Lewis. Landmark Construction hired DRS for the remodel: demo, framing, hanging drywall, installing grid ceiling and finish work. Top to bottom, a newly remodeled interior well underway! #DRSpros #lovethe918 #remodeling #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

U.S. Signs

The DRS team was hired to frame – the interior and exterior – complete drywall installation and the finish work on this Industrial commercial property build, contracted by Highgate General Contractors. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Bishops Medical Building at St. Francis

Subcontracted by Thompson Construction, the DRS crew is framing, hanging drywall and completing finish work. The Bishops Medical building is located on 91st St in south Tulsa. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Pratt Tower in Downtown Tulsa

DRS is stocking material for an office build out. And in the interior – the DRS pros are contracted for metal stud framing, drywall installation and tile ceiling installation for Thompson Construction. #DRSpros #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Single Family Dwelling on Keystone Lake

Subcontracted by Sunrise Construction, the DRS crew is framing and hanging drywall for a 3000+ square foot residential build out. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

2300 Riverside, Tulsa

Framing and drywall completed in the units on the 14th Floor at 2300 Riverside. Subcontracted by Tracy Wood Shop. When you need it done right and on time, trust the DRS pros! #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Olivet Baptist Church, Tulsa

Subcontracted by Thompson Construction, the DRS crew is framing and hanging drywall for an extensive remodel at Olivet Baptist Church. Olivet Baptist Church will be celebrating 100 years in 2024. The DRS pros are doing their part to prepare for the 100 year anniversary! #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

One Warren Place

DRS at One Warren Place with a custom office space requirement – walls that are entirely magnetic, floor to ceiling. By installing magnetic panels and then applying a skim coat of drywall mud over the top, tenant will have a wall that appears to be regular drywall – but is actually a fully magnetic wall. With a skim coat of drywall mud and new paint, the walls appear pristine. Installed 155 metal panels in nearly 50 offices with a 10-day completion schedule. When you need it done right and on time, trust the DRS pros! #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

U.S. Signs

Subcontracted by Highgate General Contractors, the DRS crew is wrapping up framing at the old Kaiser Aluminum Plant, soon to be the new home of U.S. Signs. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Honda Dealership in Muskogee

Wrapping up on the new Honda dealership in Muskogee, framing and drywall by the DRS pros. #DRSpros #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

121st & Sheridan Retail Center

The DRS professional services group on the front end of the job: mobilizing materials and equipment needed to start framing on a new retail center at 121st & Sheridan. Subcontracted by Crestwood Development. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, Glenpool

The DRS professional services group subcontracted to handle the drywall and ceiling install and finish for Thompson Construction at CCCD in Glenpool. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

McSperitt’s Wine & Liquor

The DRS professional services group completes another drywall and ceiling installation job for Thompson Construction, at McSperitt’s Wine & Liquor in midtown Tulsa. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Classic Chevrolet in Owasso

Subcontracted by Thompson Construction: Soaring walls and a combination of smooth textured ceiling and a ceiling suspension system creates a modern look at Classic Chevrolet. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare


Full build out subcontracted by Thompson Construction: The DRS professionals completed all framing, drywall installation and ceilings throughout the Ameripro Home Loans office space at 81st and Mingo in Tulsa. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Bauhaus Interiors

Bauhaus designs and sells high end office furniture, and DRS delivered the impeccable drywall installation and finish required for their move to downtown Tulsa. #newagain #downtownmakeover #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Church of Saint Mary

A renovation subcontracted by Thompson Construction: The DRS professionals completed all framing, drywall installation and finish throughout the nave at the Church of Saint Mary in Midtown Tulsa. #newconstruction #framing #readytobuild #readywhenyouare

Glisten Dental and Sleep Apnea Care

A brand new build out in an existing building, the DRS pros handled the structural metal framing and suspended ceiling install – and of course, all drywall installation and finishing. DRS subcontracted by Thompson Construction. The Glisten Dental office is off 81st, just east of Mingo in Tulsa. #newconstruction #lottadrywall

Classic Chevrolet in Owasso

A large addition subcontracted by Thompson Construction: The DRS professionals completed metal framing, drywall installation and the suspended ceiling install throughout the facility. #newconstruction #lottadrywall

Ambulatory Surgery Center

DRS Pro Services subcontracted for work at Ambulatory Surgery Center by Thompson Construction: metal framing, ceiling tile suspension systems – and of course, drywall installation and finishing. #lottadrywalll #newconstruction

Route 66 Dental Implants & Periodontics

Featuring a spacious reception area at 4545 S. Harvard Avenue, the new 4,000 square foot facility is ideal for patients. With comfortable seating, flat-screen TV, beverage station, and a private restroom, the office and treatment areas are also ADA compliant and offer easy access to all treatment areas.

Roosevelt’s on Cherry Street

The gastropub at 1551 E. 15th Street features a classic feel and a warm and welcoming interior.